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YONGXING is a leading undercarriage parts manufacturer during machinery industry in China. Meanwhile, our main products are excavator undercarriage parts and bulldozer undercarriage parts. Actually it will includes track rollers, top rollers, track chains and excavator sprocket rim, etc. Let’s list detail below:

1. Track roller also includes bottom roller, lower roller, down roller
2. Top rollers are about carrier rollers and upper rollers
3. Track chain will refer to track link assembly, track link assy, track chain link, track chain assy, track shoe chain
4. Excavator sprocket rim & bulldozer segment group, front idler group
5. Track shoe assembly will match to track shoe assy, track shoe assembly, track group with shoes
6. Certianly, track bolts and nuts, track pin and bushing are also our main products list

How to measure the track link?

There are two measurement techniques for track links, which can be measured using a depth gauge or an ultrasonic wear indicator. The height of the link from the rail surface to the track shoe must be measured using the depth gauge technology. The measurement is successful when it is outside the link at the end of the track pin. The depth gauge should be as close as possible to the end of the past to ensure that there is no dirt or adhesion on the connecting rod and shoe surfaces. The measurement should be accurate to 0.01 inch (or 0.25 mm).

On the other hand, if the ultrasonic wear indicator technology is used to measure the distance from the track surface to the bushing hole. Then it is necessary to place the probe in the connecting rod above the centerline of the bushing. Additionally, slide the probe along the tread surface to obtain the minimum reading.

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