The Importance Of Volvo Excavator Undercarriage And Its Parts

Jun 5, 2023 | News

The undercarriage of an excavator is one of the most important parts of the machine. It consists of multiple components that allow the upper body of the excavator to traverse the worksite. Excavator undercarriage parts experience a lot of wear and tear, so it is important to properly maintain and replace them when needed. This applies to Volvo excavators as well, where Volvo excavator parts like undercarriage components should be of high quality to maximize the life of the machine.

Excavator Undercarriage Components From Manufacturer

The main components of an excavator’s undercarriage include:

• Track chains – The track chains connect to the drive and idler sprockets to allow movement. They are constantly in contact with the ground and experience the most wear.
• Track rollers and track guides – These parts help support the track chains and direct them properly over the undercarriage.
• Track tensioners – These adjust the slack in the track chains to maintain proper tension.
• Drive and idler sprockets – These toothed sprockets engage with the track chains and allow them to move and provide propulsion.
• Carrier rollers – These support the upper structure and carry the weight while the undercarriage moves. So we suggest that customers purchase through leading excavator undercarriage manufacturer.


Volvo Excavator Parts Like Undercarriage

When it comes to Volvo excavator parts, it is important to use genuine or OEM-approved undercarriage parts to maintain the performance of your Volvo machine. This includes:

• Volvo track chains – Higher load-carrying capacity and grade materials minimize wasted time due to breakdowns.
• Volvo track pads and side bars – Designed specifically for the geometry of Volvo undercarriages for optimal fit and function.
• Volvo idler and drive sprockets – Precision-machined for a precise fit and optimized mesh with Volvo track chains.
• Track rollers Volvo brand – Engineered using the correct material specifications and tolerances for smooth operation with other Volvo parts.
• Other Volvo excavator undercarriage parts – Like bushes, bushings, bolts and bracket to complete a full Volvo undercarriage rebuild.