What is track rollers?

What is track roller

Track roller, also known as cam rollers, are cylindrical bearings that are used in various applications, including material handling and conveyor systems. They are designed to support and guide rotating machine components, such as gears, sprockets, and drive wheels, in track-style applications.

Track rollers have a sturdy, compact design that makes them ideal for use in harsh operating conditions, such as high loads, high speeds, and exposure to dirt, dust, and moisture. They are available in a range of sizes, materials, and configurations to suit a variety of applications, and many track rollers are designed to operate with minimal friction and noise.

track rollers used for

Track rollers are mechanical components that are used in various applications to guide and support moving objects along a track or rail. Some common uses of track rollers include:

  1. Construction machinery: Track rollers are used in construction machinery such as bulldozers, excavators, and crawler cranes to support the weight of the machine and guide it along the ground.
  2. Material handling: Track rollers are used in conveyor systems and material handling equipment to support and guide the movement of goods along the conveyor or guide rail.
  3. Agricultural equipment: Track rollers are used in agricultural machinery such as harvesters and tractors to support the weight of the machine and guide it along the field.
  4. Industrial machinery: Track rollers are used in various industrial machinery such as printing presses, packaging machines, and textile machinery to support and guide moving parts along a track or rail.

In summary, track roolers are specialized bearings that are used to support and guide rotating components in track-style applications, and are designed to withstand harsh operating conditions.


To ensure the best performance of the undercarriage components, the top and bottom rollers must allow the chain to run optimally in all conditions. Perfect movement is achieved with materials, treatments and mechanical processes applied following highly stringent rules and standards. We have adopted the same strict criteria for rollers for all kinds of applications and environments, introducing new seal groups to the range, specially designed to be more resistant to wear.

Single and double flange track rollers and carrier rollers
suitable for crawler machines ranging from 0.8 to 800 tons.
Special version rollers for road milling machines, pavers, forestry and agricultural applications.

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