Overview Of Excavator Components: Track Rollers, Carrier Rollers, Sprockets, & Idlers

Mar 16, 2023 | News

Excavators are complex machines with many critical components. In this overview, we will discuss the roles of the track rollers, carrier rollers, sprockets, and idlers in excavator operations. As leading track roller manufacturer, we would like to explain the importance of each component, as well as how to properly maintain them.

The undercarriage is the supporting frame under any vehicle, whether it is an excavator, track loader, or tractor trailer. Any wheels or tracks are attached or mounted to the chassis to help the machine move. When defining the chassis of an excavator or bulldozer, you also have to look at various components. It will include: rollers, connecting rods, bushings, idlers, etc.

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Detail About Excavator Track Components

These are the small wheels (Track Roller) that support the track chain and keep it aligned as it moves around the sprockets. Track roller, from track roller manufacturer, also helps distribute the weight of the excavator evenly across the track chain, reducing wear on components. Consider the quality of uses, buyers have to purchase through leading track roller manufacturer from China. We may provide you lower cost and high quality excavator parts.

China Carrier Roller is cylindrical parts placed on the top and bottom of the rails; the role of the rollers is to relieve the load on the front wheels and sprockets. Investing in quality rollers for your equipment can reduce wear and tear on many parts of your machine. Actually, if you buy excavator rollers from China carrier roller manufacturer, then you may get quality parts with lower price.

Sprocket – These are the large gears that drive the track chain. The sprocket is connected to the engine of the excavator through a hydraulic motor, which powers the rotation of the sprocket and drives the track chain forward or backward.

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Excavator Undercarriage Parts For Sprocket And Segment

The excavator sprocket and segment are important components of an excavator’s undercarriage system, and they work together to drive the track chain and provide traction and stability on rough terrain. So except track roller from excavator track roller manufacturer, there are also many other parts as combination to drive the excavator or bulldozer to move. Here’s a closer look at these components:

Sprocket of undercarriage parts

It is a large, toothed wheel that is attached to the excavator’s final drive motor. The track sprocket engages with the track chain and helps to propel the machine forward or backward. It is typically made of high-strength steel or a steel alloy. And it must be designed to withstand the high stresses and loads that are typical in heavy-duty construction applications. Sprockets are available in a range of sizes and configurations to suit different types of excavators.

Undercarriage parts track segment

It is a curved metal plate that is bolted to the sprocket. Additionally it meshes with the links of the track chain. The track segment helps to distribute the load evenly across the track chain. Meanwhile, it also provides a smooth, consistent driving surface for the machine. Like the sprocket, the excavator track segment must be made of high-strength steel or a steel alloy to withstand the high stresses and loads of heavy-duty operation.

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Materials Of Track Roller And Carrier Roller Always Play Main Role

Track rollers and load rollers are important components of an excavator’s track system. And also they are usually made of high-quality materials that are durable and able to withstand heavy loads and extreme operating conditions. The exact materials used may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. However some common materials used for track rollers and load bearing rollers include

  1. Steel is a popular choice for track rollers and carrier rollers due to its strength and durability. High-strength steel alloys are often used to provide maximum resistance to wear and deformation. And they can withstand the high stresses and loads that are typical in heavy-duty construction applications.
  2. Forged steel is another common material used for track rollers and China carrier roller. This process involves heating the steel to a high temperature and then shaping it using compressive force. Forged steel is known for its superior strength and toughness, making it an excellent choice for high-stress applications.