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The definition of undercarriage includes a few different types. Meanwhle, it will includes heavy machinery steel undercarriage or rubber tracked undercarriages. If you want to repair the old machine, you can purchase the undercarriage separately. If you are purchasing a new excavators, actually its durability and life service are much important question to consult. Especially, Yongxing Engineering Machinery, a professional heavy machinery and spare parts manufacturer in China, always provide quality undercarriage parts. Such as track roller, sprocket, links, bottom and top rollers, etc..

What is track rollers?

Track roller, also known as idler roller, is a moving transmission component designed for various tracks. They are used in conveyor systems, cam drives and various similar material handling systems. Regardless of materials or machines, these components play a key role in track and railway operations. During work, try to avoid the roller from being immersed in muddy water for a long time. At ordinary times, keep the undercarridge clean. And also do not let too much soil and gravel pile up around the track roller. Because it will hinder the rotation of it.

Function of track roller and carrier rollers

YONGXING track rollers and carrier rollers are designed for all types of bulldozers and crawler dozers to provide superior performance in the worst environments. Additionally, designation of our upper carrier rollers and lower track roller series is for maintaining stability under the most challenging conditions.

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