The Role and Possible Issues of Carrier Rollers

May 6, 2024 | Nachricht

Yongxing Engineering Machinery mainly produces Track Roller, Trägerrolle, Spprocekt, Faulenzer, Links, Spurstift und Buchse, Track-Link, usw. Yongxing has a certain reputation in the field of machinery. The machine parts produced are mainly used in the track structure of excavators. These components are crucial for maintaining the operational stability of machines and minimizing potential wear and tear.

What equipment is the Carrier Roller suitable for?

In the chassis of the excavator, in addition to the rollers, another noteworthy component is the Carrier Roller. Trägerrolle, also called top roller, is located on the top of the track frame. Provides an extra layer of support for heavy machinery, especially when operating on rough terrain.Carrier Roller is an important component of crawler heavy equipment, such as excavators, bulldozers, pavers, usw. In an excavator, the Carrier Roller is located on the upper part of the crawler mechanism. It mainly plays the role of guidance and load-bearing. It guides the crawler to rotate correctly according to the set trajectory.

In a bulldozer, the Carrier Roller’s role is similar to that of an excavator, and it also guides the crawler to move. Enables the equipment to move and work stably on various terrains. Paving equipment is also usually equipped with a Carrier Roller to maintain the stability of the equipment and ensure that the crawler tracks travel correctly during work. Some large agricultural machinery, such as harvesters, may also use crawler chassis. Carrier Rollers will also be needed to keep the tracks running correctly.

Understanding the CATERPILLAR CAT320

An exquisite example of top-notch excavator machinery is the CATERPILLAR CAT320. This medium-sized hydraulic trackhoe excavator offers the perfect balance of control, digging, Grabenaushub, and lifting capacity. One significant feature of the CAT320 is its efficient undercarriage system, which is fitted with high-quality track rollers ensuring optimal operational longevity and lower hourly operating costs.

As China excavator undercarriage parts. CATERPILLAR CAT320 is a more prominent accessory. Each product has undergone rigorous stress testing and testing, making the “RHK” product qualification rate 100%, and has also won the recognition and trust of dealers and terminal actual customers in various provinces.

Mini Excavator Track Roller & Roller Track Excavator

Mini Bagger Laufrolle

Track rollers for mini excavators take on a more specific role. They are commonly used in compact excavators that require the same level of stability and mobility, albeit for smaller scale, lighter weight excavation tasks.

Roller Track Excavator

Track roller for excavator on the other hand, are heavy-duty machinery that utilizes roller tracks, which require multiple track rollers for maximum operational efficiency.The track roller excavator is mainly used in excavators and is a very important part of the excavator chassis system. The Roller Track Excavator’s track rollers are installed on the bottom and sides of the excavator.

The track rollers anchoring an excavator play a crucial dual role. Not only do they keep the machine firmly grounded and steady during the toughest of digs, but they’re also essential in driving the beast forward. As the rollers turn, they set the tracks in motion, allowing the excavator to navigate and operate across varied surfaces with agility.

Comprising a solid wheel body, a durable roller shaft, bushings, seals, and end caps, each component of the track roller assembly is pivotal. Just like with any hardworking piece of equipment, giving these rollers the attention they deserve with regular check-ups and proper upkeep goes a long way in safeguarding their functionality and prolonging their life. Should they show signs of significant wear or start acting up, it’s time for a swift replacement to maintain the excavator’s optimal performance.


The underbelly of any heavy excavator is a hive of activity and endurance, where components like track rollers are the true workhorses. These essential pieces are the foundation ensuring everything runs like clockwork. They’re the ones that bear the brunt, keeping your machinery steady on its feet, maximizing operational efficiency.