Bucket teeth and pins are key wear parts for excavator and loader buckets. They help the bucket efficiently tear, grip and move material during operation. As these components wear down over time, proper replacement and maintenance is important for optimal bucket performance. Here are some details about bucket teeth, pins and related topics.

Bucket Teeth As Digging Edges


Bucket teeth are the digging edges on an excavator or loader bucket. They are typically made of highly wear-resistant steel alloys and are bolted or pinned to the bucket’s side walls. The pointed tip and curved profile of bucket teeth allow them to penetrate and retain material during digging and loading tasks. As bucket teeth wear down from impact and abrasion, they eventually need replacing to restore the bucket’s digging efficiency. Reputable bucket teeth manufacturers offer a variety of steel options, designs and profiles.

Wear Strips Cover The Inner Surface Of Excavator

Wear strips are steel or rubber inserts that cover the inner surface of an excavator or loader bucket. They help distribute impact loads and absorb shocks to protect the bucket’s side walls from excessive wear. Wear strips attach using bolts, rivets or welds and feature a curved profile to match the bucket. For longer service life, wear strips should be replaced along with new bucket teeth to maintain an even level of wear across the entire cutting edge. Many wear strip manufacturers offer compatible components for various bucket tooth styles.

Bucket Pins Connect Individual Bucket Teeth

Bucket pins are metal pins that connect individual bucket teeth to the excavator or loader bucket. They pass through holes in the teeth and side walls then are secured using cotter pins or retaining rings. Standard bucket pins are made of hardened, alloy steel for strength and wear resistance. Self-lubricating pins with bronze or polymer bushings are also available for reducing friction and noise. Correctly sized, high-quality bucket pins help ensure teeth remain securely fastened during harsh digging conditions.

Bushings Fit Around Bucket Pins To Reduce Wear

Bushings are sleeves that fit around bucket pins to reduce wear, absorb shocks and provide a sliding interface between metal parts. They isolate the pin from metal-to-metal contact with the bucket and teeth, increasing component life and reducing noise. Common bushing materials include bronze, rubber, nylon and other hard plastics. Bucket teeth manufacturer often offers replacement bushings customized for their specific teeth designs. Properly lubricated bushings should be replaced along with the other wear parts when reattaching new bucket teeth.