Tracked loaders With Related Components

Jan 14, 2023 | News

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If you need any spare aprts for bulldozer, off-road truck, wheel loader, grader, scraper, shovel, excavator, or crane, then you are in the right position. Referring to various parts and accessories we produce, they are mini excavator carrier roller, excavator track roller, Idler, sprockets and track pin bushing for excavating machineries. We are committed to provide customers with high-quality equipment at the best value due to we are trusted excavator carrier roller factories in China.

How much you know about tracked loaders?

Working outdoors can be beneficial and even fun. Just like mowing grass or operating a forklift, driving a bulldozer is also an exciting job. Track loaders are more and more popular because of its multiple functions. Many enterprises have, and most employees of construction, landscaping or agricultural companies can benefit from it. Here you will learn all the information about the track loader and related vehicle.

A tracked loader or called crawler loader is similar to a skid steer. From the shape, they look the same, but some of their characteristics are different. Crawler loaders are durable and have many models. In the compact equipment industry, caterpillar loaders account for about 20% of all financing equipment. In the past decade, although their cost has exceeded that of sleds, they have become increasingly popular. As professional excavator track roller supplier in China, We may provide quality rollers for crawler loaders. Let’s find out the advantage of roller we made,

One advantage of tracked loaders is that they are heavier, and they use tracks instead of tires. Then, this makes them very suitable for special conditions such as muddy land and rugged terrain. Their weight gives them excellent grip and efficiency.

Track loader is a multi-purpose equipment with multiple purposes. Companies in many industries, including agriculture, landscaping and construction, use them to improve operations. crawler loaders or tracked loaders are commonly used for unloading trucks, lifting, digging, leveling or bulldozing.

Track system from tracked loaders

This is a mechanism that allows the vehicle to move using the track. They increase the contact surface between the vehicle and the ground, reduce the unit pressure and improve the road accessibility. Although caterpillar is certainly used in excavators, also you may find track system in tanks, bulldozers and armored personnel carriers. Tracks are typically used for machines that move on unrestricted surfaces. The basic track system consists of an annular track that surrounds the load wheels. Most designs include track drive wheels and guide wheels, respectively. In addition, support rollers and tensioning wheels can be used.

Track chain method,

It is also important. The most ergonomic and fastest one is the split connecting rod, which is mainly used in the oil chain. This solution allows the chain to be easily assembled and disassembled using common tools. On the other hand, the chain coated with lubricating grease adopts a pin, which is convenient for the assembly and disassembly of the chain. Compared with the standard pin, this solution undoubtedly helps to speed up the track chain. Of course, in addition to the above chain types, various modifications can be made, including chains with rotating sleeves.

Most sprockets,

They are designed in such a way that dirt or other media can be discarded to minimize wear between the sprocket and the track chain. Accurate treatment and proper quenching process are very important for the device.

The bottom roller,

It provides the chassis clearance height. The combination of the connecting rod height and the installation height of the bottom roller determines the increase of the tracked chassis height. Therefore, there is no load on the front wheels, sprockets, and final drives of the machine. When the chain links and the bottom rollers are worn, the tracked chassis of the machine will lower, applying load to the front wheels, sprockets, and drive motors. These components may subsequently break.


Especially those for bulldozers or excavators, are made of different materials and connected during precision welding. Due to the application of different material components, they are particularly resistant to torsion and any type of deformation.