YONGXING engineering machinery as leading undercarriage parts manufacturer in China, always exports spare parts to oversea market. These markets are such as Europe, United States, South America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, etc. In meantime, we can supply both standard track link assembly and sealed & lubricated track chain (SALT) for komatsu excavators and bulldozers, track link pitch from 101mm to 260mm. Designation of prime quality excavator, bulldozer’s undercarriage spare parts, such as sprocket and rollers. They are exactly for Komatsu, Cater pillar, Hitachi, etc. High quality undercarriage components are essential to prevent premature wear and damage when replacing rubber tracks. We have to know that undercarriage wear is one of the main reasons for premature wear and failure of track.

How to check the sprockets?

Check all aspects such as sprockets, bushings, idlers, or kinds of rollers. We must check whether the bolts are loose, whether the parts are damaged or missing, whether there is corrosion and oil leakage. The system and consistent maintenance will help the machine run safely and prolong service. certainly, it also avoid failures during use, ensure that the project is completed on time for saving your money.

The sprocket is a kind of special-shaped wheel with teeth, which is engaged with the track of the compact excavator. It helps the movement of the whole machine by pulling the chain onto itself to push the machine forward. The drive sprocket can not only move the track, but also withstand the impact of daily operation. Accelerated wear of the drive sprocket may be common. Therefore, they should be checked regularly during machine tours.

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