Referring to undercarriage spare parts, Links are main spare parts to ensure excavators movement and operation. Meanwhile, these links include seal kit, track shoes, spacer, track pin & bushing, track bolt & nuts ,etc. YONGXING, leading undercarriage spare parts manufacturer, always provides quality track chain and track link assy products to oversea market.

Links for track chain

The purpose of the track chain and the track group is to make the tracked heavy machinery move efficiently. These track chains and track groups consist of flexible links that are connected together by fittings called track pin and bushing. Heavy machinery has two types of track chains: dry track chains and lubricating chain. As the name implies, the difference lies in the amount of lubrication on the track pin and bushing, which will affect the cost and wear of the track over time.

Advantages of track links

YONGXING track links segments are forged with 35MnB special steel. And also adopt strengthened structure technology and advanced tempering, annealing and hardening heat treatment processes. So that it ensures the maximum strength and wear resistance of the products. Additionally, there is also a self-supporting lubrication system, which can separate sand and gravel under working conditions, significantly improving the bearing life of the track link.

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