Maintaining the Track Roller Assembly of Your Hitachi EX200-5 Excavator

Jun 8, 2023 | News

The track roller assembly is an essential component of the undercarriage on your Hitachi EX200-5 excavator. The track rollers help support the weight of the machine, guide the track chains and cushion impacts from uneven terrain. Properly maintaining and replacing damaged track rollers can significantly extend the life of other undercarriage and track components.

Function of EX200-5 Track Rollers

The track roller assembly on the EX200-5 consists of multiple individual rollers that:

• Absorb shocks from obstacles and terrain
• Distribute the excavator’s weight across multiple rollers to reduce ground pressure
• Guide and align the track chains to minimize friction and wear
• Allow the track chains to move smoothly with minimal resistance

KOMATSU Excavator Track Roller PC300-5

Inspecting EX200-5 Track Rollers

Regular inspections of the EX200-5’s track roller assembly should check for:

• Cracks, flat spots, or grooves in the rollers
• Excessive side-to-side play indicating worn bearings
• Seized or jammed bearings that prevent rollers from rotating freely

Replacing Damaged EX200-5 Track Rollers

Signs it’s time to replace EX200-5 track rollers include:

• Roller shafts that are visibly bent out of shape
• More than 1/4 inch of lateral play in the rollers
• Rollers that seize or jump tracks frequently
• Noisy operation, excess vibration or harshness in the ride

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) track rollers for the EX200-5 offer:

• Rigid testing to meet Hitachi’s performance specifications
• Materials specifically designed for Hitachi excavator undercarriages
• An exact fit with other EX200-5 undercarriage and track components

Benefits of Replacing Worn EX200-5 Track Rollers:

• Reduce wear on tracks and other undercarriage parts
• Improve ride comfort by restoring shock absorption
• Realign track chains and reestablish proper tension
• Restore smooth chain movement and power transfer