The Komatsu PC200-7 and PC300-7 hydraulic excavators are workhorse models renowned for their reliability and productivity in tough job conditions. However, like all machines, wear and tear of parts is inevitable over time and affects the efficiency and longevity of your excavator. Properly maintaining key components and promptly replacing worn Komatsu excavator undercarriage parts as needed helps maximize the value of your PC-series machine.

KOMATSU Excavator Track Roller PC300-7

The undercarriage comprises tracks, rollers and idlers

The undercarriage comprises tracks, rollers, idlers and other supporting components that guide the movement of the excavator. The tracks on the PC200-7 and PC300-7 are made of heavy-duty, highly articulated rubber to provide traction, stability and flotation in different ground conditions. Despite this robust design, rubber tracks do have a service life of around 1,500 to 2,500 machine hours depending on work environments and material types. Regularly inspect tracks for wear of lug heights, side guides and collars, and replace tracks promptly when lugs near minimum service limits. Genuine Komatsu replacement tracks are specifically engineered to optimize transmission of power from the machine.

The track rollers support and guide the movement of the tracks

As rollers rotate, the ball bearings inside them wear out over time. Monitor rollers for uneven movement, flat spots and excessive noise which indicate bearing wear. Komatsu recommends replacing track rollers every 1,500 to 2,000 hours depending on work conditions. Only genuine Komatsu replacement rollers match the original specifications in terms of materials, tolerances and lubrication to maximize service life. The idler wheels also guide and tension the tracks. Check idlers regularly for flat spots, unevenness and wear on wheel surfaces. Replace idlers promptly when lug height nears minimum limit for optimal bearing life and performance.

Additional undercarriage parts – Rollers

Additional undercarriage parts that support the tracks include the track adjusters, drive sprockets and carrier rollers. Track adjusters tension the tracks for optimal performance. Inspect and regularly lubricate adjuster components like pins, bushings and shock absorbers. Replace as needed when excessive play or binding is detected. The drive sprocket engages with the track to propel the excavator. Inspect sprockets for signs of wear and replace promptly when teeth reach minimum service limit. The carrier rollers help support the weight of the upper structure. Check rollers for excessive noise, wear or binding and replace carrier rollers at the recommended overhaul interval.

Conclusion of key Komatsu undercarriage parts

Other key Komatsu undercarriage parts include rollers, idlers and bushings that support the track frame. Roller end caps retain the bearing and need periodic replacement. Idler pivot shafts may require re-bushing to reduce friction. Bushings throughout the track frame help components slide and rotate smoothly. Monitor bushings for wear, replace as needed to minimize metal-on-metal contact. Lagging can also be installed under track frames to reduce wear from abrasive materials.