The track links in an excavator’s undercarriage system are essential components for mobility, traction and stability. Over time, track links will wear out and need to be replaced to keep the excavator operating at peak performance. Choosing the right replacement track links is important for reliability and longevity.

Parts Of An Excavator Track Link


An excavator track link consists of several key parts:

• Pin and Bushing: The pin acts as the main pivot point that allows the links to flex and articulate. The bushing absorbs wear and helps lubricate the pin.
• Link Plate: The main body of the track link that spans between the pins. The plates are usually made of heat-treated steel for strength and durability.
• Interlocking Joints: Teeth or wedge joints allow the track links to join securely together and transfer power.
• Seals: Protect the pin and bushing from debris while containing lubricant.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Track Links

When replacing excavator track links, consider these factors:

• Fit and Compatibility: Track links must be an exact fit to integrate properly within the rest of the undercarriage system. Choose links designed specifically for your make/model excavator.
• Material: Most excavator track links utilize heat-treated steel plates and alloy steel pins for strength and wear resistance. Choose parts made with high-grade materials.
• Seals: Effective seals are needed to keep debris out and lubricant in. Rubber seals or double-lip seals offer longer service life.
• Bushings: Good-quality bronze or polymer bushings will provide a tighter fit on the pin and help prevent premature wear of other components.
• Interlocking Joints: Match the tooth style, spacing and geometry of the original excavator links for maximum power transfer and undercarriage stability.
• Warranty: A longer warranty (2+ years) indicates higher-quality track links designed for the demands of excavator applications.

Maintaining Or Replacing Worn Track Links Through Branded China Supplier –

While generic aftermarket track links tend to be cheaper initially, authentic OEM links or branded equivalent parts will tend to last significantly longer. This helps lower your overall operating costs by reducing unplanned downtime for replacements and repairs.

Properly maintaining and replacing worn track links as needed helps boost the reliability, productivity and resale value of your excavator over its lifespan.