The undercarriage system of an excavator includes components that are critical for its stability, traction and mobility. Key excavator undercarriage parts need to be well-maintained and promptly replaced when worn to optimize the performance of your digging machine.

Main 7 Excavator Undercarriage factory Parts – Track Series

track shoes, track adjuster

• Track Sprocket and Drive Components: The track sprocket drives the tracks and transfers power. Components include; sprocket, idlers, bearings, seals and bushings.
• Track Chains: The track chain provides continuous ground contact and traction. It consists of track links, track plates, rollers, guide plates and other components.
• Track Links and Plates : The links and plates form the actual track chain and have pins, bushings and seals to enable articulation.
• Track Shoes or Track Pads: The shoe/pad is the portion of the track chain that contacts the ground. It contains bolt-on metal plates for durability.
• Track Rollers: The rollers support and guide the track chain. They reduce friction and wear on other undercarriage parts.
• Track Guards and Covers: Guards protect components while covers cover critical parts and promote cleanliness.
• Drive Motors and Hydraulic Systems: The hydraulic system powers the tracks through hydraulic motors.

Top 7 Tips For Maintaining Excavator Undercarriage

• Inspect and lubricate all components regularly.
• Replace worn drive sprocket and idler teeth as needed.
• Check tension on track chains and adjust as specified.
• Check pins, bushings, rollers, shoes and seals for wear; replace promptly.
• Ensure proper lubricant level in final drives and reduce contamination.
• Maintain proper ground contact pressure and track alignment.
• Clean out accumulated debris from tracks and idlers.

How To Replace Excavator Undercarriage Components

• Use only OEM or high-quality equivalent parts for best performance.
• Match genuine part numbers and specifications for correct fit.
• Inspect pins, bushes and seals before installation of new components.
• Lubricate parts thoroughly before reassembling undercarriage.
• Periodically replace entire track assemblies for optimum life cycle costs.

Overview Of Replacing Worn Parts Such As Tracks Assembly

By properly maintaining and timely replacing worn undercarriage parts like track rollers, track links, idlers, sprockets, shoes and other components, you can significantly boost the productivity, reliability and resale value of your excavator over time. Using high-quality OEM replacement parts is key for maximum performance and lower operating costs.