Excavators represent essential construction equipment for digging, material handling, and demolition work. The PC200-5 from Sprocket delivers powerful and reliable performance in a compact 20 ton size class. With its 74 hp Isuzu engine, rugged construction, and 5 cubic meter bucket capacity, it suits trenching, grading, landscaping, and residential construction applications. Below we look at the key features, configurations, benefits, and competitive advantages of the Sprocket PC200-5 excavator.


Introducing the PC200-5

The PC200-5 is a 20 metric ton conventional tail swing excavator made by Sprocket. It possesses an operating weight around 22,500 lbs with available bucket digging forces exceeding 15,000 pounds. The excavator uses an Isuzu 4JJ1X 74 hp diesel engine that meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 emissions requirements. This supplies power through hydraulic pumps and motors to move the boom, arm, bucket and drive system. The unit has a maximum digging depth near 23 feet.

Configurations and Options

The base PC200-5 comes with a service cab, 2.51 meter boom and 1.19 meter arm. It can equip buckets from 0.28 to 1 cubic yard capacity. Several configuration options are available:

  • Enclosed Cabin – For improved climate and noise control
  • Long Arm – Extends reach up to 2.13 meters
  • Extra Counterweight – Boosts lift capacity up to 11,700 lbs
  • Thumb Attachment – For grabbing and manipulating objects
  • Coupler – Allows easy bucket changes with attachments
  • Auxiliary Hydraulics – Power hammers, augers and processors
  • Owners can outfit the excavator to match required tasks.

Key Features and Benefits

Notable features and advantages of the Sprocket PC200-5 include:

  • 74 hp high torque Isuzu diesel engine with 4-cylinder efficiency
  • Spacious operator station with ergonomic controls
  • Excellent 360 degree visibility and sight lines
  • Smooth proportional joystick controls
  • Excellent digging forces and lift capacity
  • Heavyweight for stability and performance
  • Three power modes to match digging conditions
  • Fast cycle times maximize productivity
  • Cushioned boom and arm cylinders reduce shock
  • Minimal tail swing enables working in confined spaces
  • Easy maintenance ground-level access
  • Readily available parts and service support

Rugged reliability, efficient power, and intuitive control make the PC200-5 ideal for sewer, landscaping, foundation, demolition, and site development contractors looking to add an additional excavator to their fleet. Contact your local Sprocket dealer for details on ordering the PC200-5 excavator.